Train your own IRONMAN to compete – come with us on one of this year´s most maxed out bootcamps in Los Angeles!


The Competition

It is with great eager we are now releasing the spots for The Considition 2018 - Consid's yearly e-sports hackathon where you program your own IRONMAN to challenge other teams in a tournament with teams from all over Sweden. You compete in your choice of track profile designed by real races used by IRONMAN worldwide. Your team will be competing for a maxed out bootcamp - body and mind - with us to Los Angeles where tech & sport professionals will train you. Sounds like the best e-sports hackathon ever, huh? Join us for an unforgettable journey!

When and Where?

The Considition 2018 take place October 25 at 5 PM local time. API access and training matches will open on the 18th of October at 5 PM.

You can participate in the hackathon from anywhere – the only thing you need to do is to sign up your team here. If you wish to compete from one of Consid’s offices in Sweden for the best experience and atmosphere, do not miss registering this in your application - limited spots, first come first served.


The Considition is Sweden´s largest e-sport hackathon where Sweden´s sharpest developers meet the e-sports in a national AI based programming competition. Apart from traditional e-sports - where you are usually your own player - you will create and optimize your own bot during The Considition, which competes against your opponent’s bots. The competition can also be followed online. Unique for this year´s edition is that we do not only bring the e-sport to the developers, but also the sport – without the e – to the community! This is done through our exciting cooperation with the world-renowned IRONMAN. During the competition, you will create a bot that participates in a real race in a virtual course online – something that has never been done before. The bot will successively move from each section while your friends and family can follow with excitement. Throughout the course a variety of things can happen, it is therefore crucial that you optimize your bot in the best possible way for it to manage the course and get through its obstacles as quickly and smoothly as possible. More information about the hackathon will be released this fall.


The top three winning teams will win a trip they will never forget. The destination is Los Angeles, California, where a boot camp for both body and mind will take place. During the trip we will stay in a house together close to everything the city has to offer. Time will be given to both physical training together with IRONMAN professionals as well as mental training with focus on AI technology led by skilled developers. The trip will take place on November 3rd to the 8th. More information about the trip will be released shortly. Important information: secure those days in your calendar asap!


Are you ready for a ground breaking e-sporting experience, and a trip you'll never forget? Register your team of max two people here. More information regarding the competition will be published on this website.